What You Should Know About Samsung A52s

The Samsung A52s is the newest member of the Galaxy A series, built on the company’s own technology. The phone is designed to run on the same platform as the company’s high-end model, the Galaxy S5. Samsung has also designed the phone to work in conjunction with its new Gear software platform, the ideal companion for a smart phone. To date, it is the biggest mobile device produced by Samsung. samsung a52s

The Samsung A52s is powered by the same Exynos-made processor that powered the company’s other high-end smartphones – the Galaxy S5 and the Note series. It features an octa-core processor that gives it superior performance in every area, including graphics, surfing the web, running various apps and playing games. Samsung has equipped the A 52s with two distinct rear cameras: a 16-mega-pixel unit that take clear pictures; and a seven mega-pixel unit that produce better quality images. It has two optical zoom models as well.

Like many of the high-end smartphones from Samsung, the Samsung A52s also features a microSD slot for additional storage expansion. The phone has a dual-mode operating system that allows it to operate in single and double modes. It has a single autoresponder driven by an artificial intelligence. Samsung has equipped the A52s with a customized messaging system called OnTalk, which includes several pre-installed ring tones and punctuation marks. Samsung has customized the In Talk application so that it appears as an ordinary email client, with all its features including the mail inbox, compose, and email link shortcuts. It can be connected to the internet via a USB and has a QWERTY keyboard, complete with numerical keypad, support for Windows CE, and an infrared sensor for showing incoming calls.

The front camera of the Samsung A52s is 8.2 MP and has a decent sized LCD panel to monitor the rear image. This is a little lower than the rear camera of the iPhone 5s, but it still has a great image quality. The video camera on this model can be adjusted in different modes, including normal, action, scenic, panoramic, and night vision. The A52s offers different recording modes, including single pictures, group pictures, and movies. The movie mode has been designed for the fast-shooting situations, and has the ability to record two hundred hours of movies.

One of the unique features of this device is the motion sensor, which measures the speed at which it moves. This enables the operating system to know how hard or fast the user is walking or standing when the screen is disturbed by someone’s footstep. Samsung has added a couple of additional features on to the original Samsung Galaxy A52s. These include the ability to link the phone to the home system, and also to use Samsung’s own Milk Music player, which allows the phone to play music in the background. The Galaxy A52s can also link up to five thousand Samsung email accounts, which allows the user to manage their email in a simple interface.

The Samsung A52s runs on a standard US battery, but can be plugged in using a USB cable for an international battery charge. A UK version of this product, the Samsung Galaxy A55s, has a slightly longer battery life and uses a single battery cell instead of the dual battery cells used in the A52s. The Samsung A55s also has a built in memory card reader for the purpose of downloading ringtones to the unit. The Samsung A53s has a bit longer battery life than the A 52s, but it also has the same sized screen as the A52s.

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